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Star Citizen...

Weyland aCEOS3 posted Sat at 19:21

by Joshua Fetter

azurinrain Yes.....very nice video.
Nminnet Epic video;-)
ForeignLegionnaire Nice vid!

Reliant sale...

Weyland aCEOS3 posted Fri at 0:23

Check out the sale here:

Argo sale...

Weyland aCEOS3 posted Thu at 23:54

Check out the Argo sale here:

2.5.0 is now live!

Zollak ManagerS3 posted Thu at 23:15

Have fun finding and exploring Grim Hex wink

Terrapin sale imminent?

Weyland aCEOS3 posted Aug 19, 16

CIG has a history of conducting surprise ship sales during their gamescom events.

Maybe the Terrapin will be available this year...

John Profit Bought that & a Carrack
Lacunaas got one aswell!
Beodrick Picked one up . . . figured it'd be a good org scout.


Weyland aCEOS3 posted Aug 19, 16

Check out the live stream:

And don't forget about the presentation event:

2.5 soon...

Weyland aCEOS3 posted Aug 7, 16

Omega Team Renewal...

Weyland aCEOS3 posted Aug 2, 16

ATNightingale great, another ship I'll need to get my hands on
Mal Caindenite HRS2tag this is the ship in the video if you couldn't see it well The AX1...


Weyland aCEOS3 posted Jul 31, 16

In the studio...

Weyland aCEOS3 posted Jul 29, 16

AHappyGiraffe DManagerS3B That door still gets me..
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