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Stations of Crusader

Weyland aCEOS3 posted Sun at 22:59

by Kmoz Games

Star Citizen 2077

Weyland aCEOS3 posted Sun at 22:57

by Star Citizen Polska

Spectrum Alpha is Live!

Zollak ManagerS3 posted Sat at 12:41

You can find more information about CIG's new real-time communication web application here:


Weyland aCEOS3 posted Feb 5, 17

by AdmiralSkoomer

Nikmyth ManagerS3S This brings tears to my eyes....

Terallian Demo Reel 2017

Weyland aCEOS3 posted Jan 21, 17

Shifu S0 Epic music makes everthing look better
Keshe S0 That is quite well done...Impressive

The Shuttle...

Weyland aCEOS3 posted Jan 5, 17

by Sonic Temples

Happy New Year 2017...

Weyland aCEOS3 posted Dec 31, 16

Another successful year has come to an end and it is time for me to thank you all for being the awesome bunch of people that you are. Just a few weeks ago we reached the 8000 member mark and with the increased activity on our Discord channels, we will continue to make the Corporation a safe place for you to join in any hour of the day to unwind, relax and meet friendly people from all over the world, who share the same vision as you.

With the recent switch of Star Citizen to the Lumberyard engine, Star Citizen will be able to host up to thousand players in one area of space in the future. This is something that we all dreamed about and will hopefully make things easier for all of us at the Corporation, because it allows us to really leverage our strength in numbers.

In our continuous efforts to improve the infrastructure needed to manage several thousand Corporateers once the final game is released, we will focus on creating the next version of the influence system in 2017. In the meantime the upcoming corporate primaries will give all of you, who aspire to become part of the leadership structure of the Corporation, a chance to take a role or lift someone else into power, who you deem best suited.

You can nominate yourself or your favorite candidates here:

The current 2.6 patch brought us Star Marine and a lot of new content to explore in the PU. During the next general meeting on Sunday (7PM GMT+1), I will announce the first Corporate Star Marine Tournament and you will get a chance to compete against our best marksmen for honor and glittering loot.

But this will only be the beginning and especially those of you, who can't wait to earn credits through trading and cargo hauling will be up for a ride in 2017... trading, mining and salvaging are the next major milestones and I can't wait to finally fill my caterpillar with goods and make a fortune.

With so many opportunities on the horizon I'm definitely looking forward to continue building the Corporation and a better tomorrow with all of you...

Cheers and Happy New Year! :-)


ce2727 S1 Happy new year to you and everyone here!

Star Citizen 2.6...

Weyland aCEOS3 posted Dec 17, 16

Mercenary25 Soon hopefully

Combined Arms trailer 2...

Weyland aCEOS3 posted Dec 14, 16

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